Thursday, February 3, 2011

the world is your oyster

A brew of many previous posts, I am really feeling this within today ~

Your subconscious is not something that is hidden from you, and not something you only encounter in your sleeping dreams. Your subconscious is what you see reflected in the mirror and everything around you. The world you see is a manifestation of the ideas, thoughts, behaviors you have learned to know by heart, that which you enact and practice time and again until it is instinct, your belief of what is true. You have the power to create what you see by changing what is true to you, what YOU choose to tell your heart/mind...and that truth can be whatever you choose! It may just take some serious convincing. ;)

"Why then the world's mine Oyster, which I, with sword will open."   ~ Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor

From the Online Etymology Dictionary, Oyster: mid-14c., from O.Fr. oistre, from L. ostrea, pl. or fem. of ostreum "oyster," from Gk. ostreon, from PIE *ost- "bone" (see osseous). Related to Gk. ostrakon "hard shell" and to osteon "bone."

Oyster/Bone is the material, those ideas which have crystallized into form.

As explored in the bird is the word, sword = his word = truth.

The world is my oyster, my bone, the structures I have built with my beliefs - and with my own word, my own vibration, my own truth - I will open/unfold/expand/change/evolve/create. Within the oyster, is a womb of creation/a vulva turning, spiraling, rolling around the pearl of wisdom, knowledge, truth and beauty which I/you hold dear.

"Opening oysters requires skill. The preferred method is to use a special knife..."   ~ Wikipedia, Opening Oysters


We are already standing at the pearly gates of heaven.


  1. The world IS your oyster but I feel like its a lot easier to open

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  2. It's really interesting as always :)
    I don't like oysters though,lol

  3. Lately, because of the weather or because i've been trying to change my outlook on life, people seem to be more cheerful! I'm thinking it's because when I smile and I'm general feel more positive I notice people more and have positive interactions. It's really hard when you have anxiety to break out of that shell that is comfortable. Love this post!

  4. As a prodigious drug user I know how easy it is to change reality's parameters. Alas, it always changes 90% back, but in that 10%, oh monsieur! The trick is to try to keep at least one or two good habits from your last spiritual breakthrough month (I get them every 3rd autumn - either an epiphany and enlightenment, a new love affair or a major breakup.. My next isn't until 2018 - sacre bleu! But I've found just enough hedons floating around to survive. Thanks for reminding me the truth is not fixed!


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