Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Here are some excerpts from what I have been reading lately that have inspired me:

“Anthroposophically, bone is considered the hardened state of the first wave of spirit to encounter the realm of matter. Raw soul, entering the force field created by the embryo, is whorled deeper and deeper into the physical dimension until it resembles stone – a fascial cave of dripping lime. In this singular deed of grounding, it remains spirit; it also becomes newly crystalline and electromagnetic, a sacred quartz…at the heart of the body’s manifestation.” – Richard Grossinger, Planet Medicine -Modalities

“…Saturn represents concentrated experience and learning which comes only through life in the physical body, in the material plane. Through the resistance of matter and through the pressure of being incarnate in the physical body, we have the opportunity for developing a greater level of concentrated understanding and greater patience in our attitude toward life itself. Saturn is often said to “rule” the dense material plane. When one incarnates into the physical world, the energy field is constricted and thus concentrated. That is why earthly life is such a good experience, for here we learn through depth of experience, concentrated work, and through seeing the immediate results of our actions. The pain, tension, and pressure of earthly life therefore has an evolutionary and developmental purpose. The material plane is, as the poet T.S. Eliot writes, the point of intersection of the timeless with time. Saturn is the planet of time; and, through the Saturnian experience of living in the material world, where everything moves so slowly and where we have to work so hard to make anything happen or to grow in any way, one can make the greatest spiritual progress. It often seems to go too slowly, and our patience is tested at every point along the way, but persevering through the inert resistance of matter clearly shows us what is enduring and what isn’t, where we meet the tests and where we fail. Saturn’s action clearly shows us the cost of our desires and attachments; it starkly reveals the limitations of our ego; and it shows us that a highly concentrated consciousness and in-depth understanding are the main things we can take from this world when we leave it. It shows us the value of work, for all the wonderful beliefs and ideals ever thought of by human beings are of little value if they are not applied to everyday life through effort. Saturn’s pressure should therefore be taken as a helpful push toward doing the work that we need to do in order to develop at a deep level, rather than as something to dread and to try to escape from.”-Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Karma & Transformation

*update 9/16/10* "Of all the planets only Saturn appears to have an exclusively material value, but as we have seen, this is deceptive because his function is to demonstrate the relativity of all tangible values. Through Saturn everything on the material plane takes on new meaning because it is seen as a symbol for an inner quality or state of being." -Liz Greene, Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

Learning about the Tarot has also inspired and made some interesting connections in my mind. The Devil and Heirophant cards in particular describe the archetypal energies that I am referencing in the above collage. You can view insightful interpretations of the cards by Michael Tsarion here:


  1. I was just in a tiny Indian store on University Ave. talking to the gentleman about healing crystals. You're suppose to keep them close to your heart and not let anyone touch it for 3 days prior to wearing it. Then I came home and read up on it! This article read...

    "While choosing a crystal your wish about having a proper crystal is very important. Then comes the shape and purpose of use. Always choose with heart not head. It is said we cannot choose crystals; it is the crystals, which choose us. When you look at a crystal and feel drawn towards it that is the one for you," advises Vijaya.

    I wouldn't have even thought to ask...but i remembered your blog!

  2. very cool! i'm glad that this entry could inspire you to ask questions! i am very interested in crystals, before my computer crashed i had some very good sites about crystals in my bookmarks, but alas, they are gone now. i will have to to find them again. so did a crystal choose you?

  3. I think i need to keep looking and asking. I'm really into the healing crystal though. I'm willing to try it for sure! I don't know where else in Seattle I can look for my crystal. Any ideas?

  4. perhaps east west bookstore? it's pretty close to your house


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