Monday, July 19, 2010

elemental communion

*update 9/22/10* I didn't have the words to describe the connections I was seeing when making this collage, but today I read this and it fit perfectly:
"From these three glyphs of circle, semi-circle, and cross the symbols of the astrological planets may be derived...
Mercury. The cross below signifies astral consciousness, desire; the circle in the middle, mental consciousness; the semi-circle above indicates that evolution has been pushed beyond the mental and is reflecting downwards light received from a still higher plane, the buddhic, which dominates all. This symbol may also be interpreted as the caduceus of Hermes, two serpents intertwined round a central rod, referring to the fiery power, kundalini, full control of which makes the practical magician." - Alan Leo in his book Esoteric Astrology (emphasis mine)


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