Monday, July 19, 2010

elemental communion

*update 9/22/10* I didn't have the words to describe the connections I was seeing when making this collage, but today I read this and it fit perfectly:
"From these three glyphs of circle, semi-circle, and cross the symbols of the astrological planets may be derived...
Mercury. The cross below signifies astral consciousness, desire; the circle in the middle, mental consciousness; the semi-circle above indicates that evolution has been pushed beyond the mental and is reflecting downwards light received from a still higher plane, the buddhic, which dominates all. This symbol may also be interpreted as the caduceus of Hermes, two serpents intertwined round a central rod, referring to the fiery power, kundalini, full control of which makes the practical magician." - Alan Leo in his book Esoteric Astrology (emphasis mine)


  1. Truely inspiring!The communion of the elements makes me think of the card of The Magician who has in his hands the four elements of tarology:cups,wands,pentacles ans sword.It makes a whole.Really nice.

  2. thank you! you have great insight candie - the magician definitely came to mind when i was making this collage :)

  3. Hello crystal rose,I left you a comment on the post about the card 7,I'll be happy to discuss about that number with you because it's still a mystery.Is it like they say,the contrary of number 6?In my dream they were three 7.
    Thank you for your comments,have a great weekend :)

  4. hello candie, i am happy to discuss the number 7 with you! i have left a quite lengthy reply under your post, haha. i am interested to hear your thoughts about the elusive number 7 as well :) thank you for bringing my attention to this number even more, it helps me to understand it further. hope you have had a nice weekend as well!

  5. Hello,thank you so much for your words and the link.I will check out all this.Numbers are really interesting.I will also check out about Aleister Crowley,I have of course heard about him,but never read his work.Yes I have read that 7 is a sacred number everywhere and that things go by seven.But still I haven't study much yet.It's all interesting.In my dream I picked up a book which was red and with the Devil on the cover and I opened it,there was written I think a sort of incantation with three 7,but because I was scared to read I closed the book and put it back on the shelf.Strange,isn't it?But nothing to be alarmed of,I do think that things are not quite what they seem sometimes.The Devil was not there to harm,but the contradiction between him and the number 7?Isn't it the number 6 supposed to be his number?Well,I say supposed :)
    I will check this and I'll get back at you.Thanks a lot and have a nice day :)


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