Monday, October 18, 2010

pyramid power

Recently watched the dvd series "The Pyramid Code" with the husband. The documentary series, produced by professor, author, researcher, explorer and filmmaker Carmen Boulter, is amazing and ground breaking! It explores the scientific indications that the pyramids were power sources (not tombs) among many other things.Watch the trailer below. Then watch the full series on YouTube if you like. And visit the website. You also might be interested in taking a listen to this interview on Red Ice Radio.


  1. Thank you really much for posting this,I'm really interested in watching those series.Have a nice day :)

  2. Thanks again,this was so interesting,I really enjoyed it.I do agree with all this,the energy,the alignment with the stars,and that the ancient had more knowledge than we have.Didn't know about the scarab though,knew it was sacred but didn't know the comparison.I do think Golden Age will be back.Everyone's been talking about december 2012,even the scientists who said the poles will change place.Let's see what happens.Whatever happens,I guess at the moment what we have to do is to enjoy life to the fullest,with our loved ones and not worry about non important things.What do you think?;)Thanks again for the link.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed it Candie! Yes, the perspective about the symbolism of the scarab was new to me as well, it's all so interesting. I think I will watch the series again soon! I agree with you, we should enjoy the present/now. December 2012 is so intriguing, mysterious, and exciting, a reminder that we are always transitioning, moving, changing. :)


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