Thursday, May 26, 2011

hand of healing

Just a little taste of what's been swirling around...

I've been planning on doing a very large post about all of the recent connections that have been coming together for me, blossoming from attention to Chiron - the astronomical comet/asteroid, the mythological wise, healing centaur, and the astrological wounded healer and unconventional force. But as the connections keep growing it has been quite the task! I hope to give a full update sometime soon, but for now will post another teaser collage. For a little bit o' background, I have written bits and pieces about this subject in these posts over at the MOG:
a new earth.
22's Day

Chiro- means "hand" and the Hebrew letter Yod means "hand" as well.

About 2 weeks ago at the book store I opened a book on symbolism and randomly happened to open to the page directly to the symbolism of the "hand". Then I noticed that the book was on the same shelf as the collection of PALMistry books and while paying for my goods at the register I noticed a book with the last name of PALMer. Then later that evening my husband read me this news story about a guy named Jonathan PALMer:

Way to face your fears, Palmer!

 So I got to thinking about Palms - and remembered that there is a Hebrew Letter that means "palm" or "grasping hand", the letter KAPH. This letter is associated with the Wheel of Fortune Card in the Tarot.

"The Egyptians made this letter like a bowl, and the palm of the hand, when cupped, likewise holds something. In the days when the Hebrew alphabet was formed, a bowl was made on a wheel, by the turning of the wheel. It was shaped by the palm of the hand, cupping itself as the wheel spun the clay. The letter has the same idea of spinning, or rotation, and the Law this letter stands for is ROTATION. Number 1 is the beginning of the whirling, and whirling is the basis of all physical manifestation. All forms are something which are spun and number 1 is the first stage of form." ~ The Rabbi's Tarot, Daphna Moore

In April, around the time that we first began to hear of a rise in tornadoes, I was having multiple synchronicities with words, all coming from the root vertere "to turn". I mentioned this in the comments of Alan's awesome big post at Look at All the Happy Creatures:

"..I was particularly blown away with the Taurus/Torus vortex connection as today I was analyzing another recent dream of mine from which I woke up thinking "The Fall of Man was a divorce." Not really that cryptic or anything considering the material we're used to diving into, but I decided to dig into the etymology of the words a bit this morning. "Divorce" being related to "diVERT" which has it's roots in the word vertere = to turn. Versus also comes from that word, or other words meaning "to beFALL", "what befalls one", fate/destiny. And actually just turn comes from tornos which is a lathe, tool for drawing circles. This was all significant to me because of some other things that have been leading me to turning and twisting lately (which, silly me, i hadn't even thought about in relation to the recent tornadoes). Later this afternoon I was talking with someone about the difference between introvert/extrovert and she started talking about the "vert" part and how it meant to turn, which was hilarious considering how i had spent my morning researching that very word! And now your post brings up vortex..." 

*I have written a little more about these connections in my part of the forthcoming Sync Book, due to be released this Fall. I am thrilled to be 1 of the 22 bloggers, writers and artists that are contributing thoughts on the mysterious and beautiful universe in The Sync Book. For more information, photos and updates, please visit and "like" the Facebook page!

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