Thursday, April 22, 2010

childish context

As we "grow up", many of us forget about how good it feels to be imaginative and creative, and how to be full of wonder as we live in the world. Lately I have been working (and by working i mean playing) to bring back this state of mind in my life, to dive back into the purity and joy of learning, dreaming, dancing, creating and loving. (And I am delighted and inspired to see the expression of the inner child of my friends too, such as the lovely Tanya and the forever youthful miss Jennie). One of the things that I have discovered, is that I still really enjoy reading children's books! My initial reasoning for reading them was because I wanted to find stories for my nieces and nephew that were fun to read and had a positive message about life. As I "researched" books to share with my kindred, I found that I was having just as much fun reading them. Here are 4 of my favorites that I have found so far and I highly recommend:

The Sun in My Belly - written by Sister Susan, illustrated by Sister Tin Nghiem, and introduction by Thich Nhat Hanh
A delightful story about forgiveness, the interweaving of life, and our connection to each other, to the animals, to the food we eat and the earth. And the water color painted pictures are absolutely beautiful!

 All I See Is Part of Me - written by Chara M. Curtis, illustrated by Cynthia Aldrich
This story also tells about the universal oneness of everything. A little more poetic and "right brained" than the above book, it is peaceful and full of wonder and the images have a very soft feeling to them. Additionally, it is a recipient of the Body Mind Spirit Magazine Award of Excellence, and everyone likes a winner.

The Land of Smaerd  - written by Andrea von Botefuhr, illustrated by Bryn Barnard
Another award winner, this story invites creativity and it has a message of positivity and a reminder that whatever you dream can come true. I especially loved the artwork in this book, it is full of color, imagination and has sacred geometry sprinkled throughout.


Owl's Secret - written by Louise Gallop, illustrated by Shannon Cartwright
This is a cute book, written in a style remindful of the tradition of the Native people. A tale that celebrates the differences in all the creatures of the Arctic, and encourages finding your own talents and strengths. I also like the glossary of flora and fauna in the end of the book.

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